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When Tabasco sauce spilled on my white dress
The day of high school graduation,
I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to stress--
I couldn't bear the thought of stained humiliation.

When Elton, my five-year-old pipsqueak brother
Thought that neon markers could be used on my jeans,
I counted all the scribbles, one right after the other--
I was more than furious, beyond all means.

When a sloppy girl at a frat house sloshed some beer on my tee
And the brown bubbles dribbled down my back,
I hurried across the room to let my friend see--
I should have listened when she said to wear black.

When the stains start to spread and I think it couldn't get worse.
I sigh, and grab the Tide-To-Go from my purse.


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Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!!

The closest thing I will get to doing anything romantic today will be reading Chaucer. And over-indulging in chocolate.

However, if I could marry any one thing right now, it would be the weather. 67º-with-a-slight-breeze, will you marry me? huzzzaaaaaah.

Cliché post-Grammy blog post? Probably. Still. Gaga. Egg. Ga-EGGa.

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Feels good to be back.

Dub FX 'Step on my Trip' (video remix) from Ben Dowden on Vimeo.

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I've accepted a position as the Social Media intern for the New Forest Earth organization this semester, so check us out and take a look around the site! Click the picture below to visit :)

john cena

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I think I might have had the best dream ever last night.

At least that I can remember. I rarely remember my dreams, and if I do, I remember snapshots. Like, brief little moments, but never the whole "story". And usually, they come back to me as I go through my day. I'll hear a sound, a name, see something in my room, and that snapshot will come back to me like I had been thinking it the entire time. I think this is normal...?

That's why I feel compelled to write something down. I have been sitting in my bed for the last 30/45 minutes running through the entire dream in my head - mapping it out and piecing it together so I can continue to remember it throughout the day. Brain exercise, I guess. Because you know sometimes you remember a dream right when you wake up, but then you proceed with the rest of your day and after like an hour or so it's gone? I don't know if that happens to most people or I just have the worst memory loss ever. I probably just have the worst memory loss ever. The other day, I picked up The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay at Borders because it seemed like an interesting read (and I was fairly sure I had never heard anything about it before). When I tell my mom about it, she goes off saying "Katie...I have literally been mentioning that book to you so many times. I have a copy of it back home". Okay, maybe I don't necessarily have bad memory loss....maybe I'm just a normal teenager who sometimes tunes my mother out when we are having a conversation. I digress...

So this damn dream. I am not going to write about what happened, even though I can remember all of it in clear detail (haha let's face it...how many people actually read this thing?) I did watch like six episodes of the British version of Skins last night before going to bed, which might contribute to the whole "romantic" nature of the dream and all. Okay. That's as far as I go with details. Leave it up to your creative little minds to wonder about the rest.

The weirdest part of this whole "best dream experience ever" was the point during my dream in which I realized I was actually dreaming. Usually, when I realize I'm dreaming, I just kind of accept it in my dream or go on with whatever I'm doing like I knew I was dreaming the entire time. But this time, I actually did not want to wake up. Like really. Seriously. Some part of my conscious little head was like, "Yeah, you know this is actually too good to be true, so do yourself a favor and accept that you are dreaming". Ugh. For however many long dream-seconds, though, I couldn't accept that I was dreaming. What made it even stranger was that I was like 3/4 of the way awake. Not a half asleep, half awake state of mind - like I had actually woken myself up for the most part, but I still felt like it was 125% real. Here comes the awesome metaphor for my dream-like feelings. It was literally like I was stuck in the middle of some sort of vortex. My head and my hands were reaching to the dream that I still wanted to hold on to, but the rest of my body was like "You suck this isn't real move on wake up but ACTUALLY you're dreaming can't you feel yourself lying down on the bed blah blah blah". I have never ever had that strange vortex-y feeling where I am trying to hold on to something so hard I actually feel like my body is split in to two different pieces. Mentally, it was actually painful.

So that's why I have been sitting in my bed for god knows however long now, trying to piece it all together to make better sense of its whole mysterious concept. It was, oddly enough, like trying to remember good memories of the past. Sucks. I wish I could just go back to sleep and dream the rest, but I guess it doesn't really work that way.


On a side note, I am hopping on a plane to head back home today. One more week left to enjoy mindless reality television and home cooking. Mmmmmm.


And I leave you with this, my friends - http://inception.davepedu.com
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arizona amusements

A few snapshots during my trip to Scottsdale.


Cave Creek Hot Air Balloon festival - 12 balloons. 3974807238528 children. 1 fantastic family bonding experience. I wish this festival had been one where the balloons actually floated in the air, or you could at least stand in one of the baskets. I guess when there are 3974807238528 children present you can't let everyone have the chance to stand in one of those big wicker baskets. Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to see them all light up in the dark. They didn't stay lit all the time, though. Dad and I had a nice time staring at our camera screens (well, phone for me), waiting for each balloon to light up for approximately five seconds so we could snap a quick pic. Took about ten minutes for Dad to get a shot of big red Spidey-Man balloon. Good going, Dad. Reflexes are still nice and SHARP.



P.S - Notice the lack of cacti in the pictures? I have come to understand and accept that there is more to the desert than the abundance of prickly vegetation and sand! WOW.
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heavy boots

Classy Catfish - Nev Schulman. Is it alright if I stalk your Facebook for a little while?

Winter Break Piece of Advice #27328 - Giant marshmallows aren't quite as cool (or as tasty) as they look.


Arizona Cacti count - 1,802,839.


(If this post makes sense to you in any way, then you're the bomb-diggity)
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